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Newest Genesis Cheat Codes
  Game NameSysten
1Yuu Yuu Hakusho : Makyo ToitsusenGenesis
2Golden Axe 3Genesis
3Ecco : The Tides Of TimeGenesis
4TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament '96Genesis
5Sonic And KnucklesGenesis
6Might And Magic 2 : Gates To Another WorldGenesis
7Advanced DaisenryakuGenesis
8Shining Force 2Genesis
9Bubble And SqueakGenesis
10Shadow DancerGenesis

Most Popular Genesis Cheat Codes
  Game NameSysten
1Sonic 3Genesis
2Shining ForceGenesis
3Sonic 1Genesis
4Kid ChameleonGenesis
5Mortal KombatGenesis
6NBA JamGenesis
7Sonic And KnucklesGenesis
8Golden Axe 3Genesis
9TNN Outdoors Bass Tournament '96Genesis
10Advanced DaisenryakuGenesis


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