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Game NameSystem
Pac-Man CollectionGameBoy Advance
Pac-Man World 2GameBoy Advance
Peter Pan: Return To NeverlandGameBoy Advance
PhalanxGameBoy Advance
Phantasy Star CollectionGameBoy Advance
Piglet's Big GameGameBoy Advance
Pinball Of The DeadGameBoy Advance
Pinobee : Wings Of AdventureGameBoy Advance
Pipe DreamGameBoy Advance
Pirates of the CaribbeanGameBoy Advance
Pirates of the Caribbean : Dead Man's ChestGameBoy Advance
Pirates of the Caribbean : The Curse of the Black PearlGameBoy Advance
Pitfall: The Mayan AdventureGameBoy Advance
Planet MonstersGameBoy Advance
Planet Of The ApesGameBoy Advance
Play Novel: Silent HillGameBoy Advance
Pocky And RockyGameBoy Advance
Pokemon : GBA Video Volume 1GameBoy Advance
Pokemon : GBA Video Volume 2GameBoy Advance
Pokemon : GBA Video Volume 3GameBoy Advance
Pokemon : GBA Video Volume 4GameBoy Advance
Pokemon : RubyGameBoy Advance
Pokemon : SapphireGameBoy Advance
Pokemon EmeraldGameBoy Advance
Pokemon Fire RedGameBoy Advance
Pokemon FireRedGameBoy Advance
Pokemon Leaf GreenGameBoy Advance
Pokemon LeafGreenGameBoy Advance
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon : Red Rescue TeamGameBoy Advance
Pokemon Pinball : Ruby & SapphireGameBoy Advance
Pokemon Pinball : Ruby and SapphireGameBoy Advance
Pokemon RubyGameBoy Advance
Pokemon SapphireGameBoy Advance
Pokemon Trading Card GameGameBoy Advance
Pokemon: Ruby VersionGameBoy Advance
Polarium AdvanceGameBoy Advance
Polly PocketGameBoy Advance
Popeye : Rush for SpinachGameBoy Advance
Power Rangers : Dino ThunderGameBoy Advance
Power Rangers : Ninja StormGameBoy Advance
Power Rangers : Space Patrol DeltaGameBoy Advance
Power Rangers : Wild ForceGameBoy Advance
Power Rangers Time ForceGameBoy Advance
Power Rangers: Time ForceGameBoy Advance
Prehistorik ManGameBoy Advance
Premier Manager 03/04GameBoy Advance
Prince of Persia : Sands of TimeGameBoy Advance
Prince of Persia : The Sands of TimeGameBoy Advance
Princess Natasha : Student Secret AgentGameBoy Advance
Punch KingGameBoy Advance
Puyo PopGameBoy Advance
Puyo Pop FeverGameBoy Advance
Pyuu To Fuku! Jogger Byuu To Deru! Megane-KunGameBoy Advance


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