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You're viewing Project Gotham Racing 2 Cheat Codes

Game Name : Project Gotham Racing 2
System : Xbox
Date Added : 2004-02-15 10:05:35
Views : 74227
Submitted By : Joshua

Unlock Geometry Wars:
First, go to the Kudos World Challenge. From there to the the car select screen. Then go to your garage. Once in your garage, press Y to walk around freely. Walk over the the arcade machine and press A. This will allow you to play the arcade game Geometry Wars, which was created just for PGR 2.

Geometry Wars mini-game:
Go into the garage and press Y to enter walk mode. Go to the area where there is an arcade game next to some tool boxes and rims, to the right of the garage door. Press A to play the Geometry mini-game. To quit the game, press B, then A. Note: The arcade game is usually in the north area of the garage.

Delfino Feroce Beat Kudos Challenge on Steel Ferrari 250 GTO:
Win the Kudos Challenge under the Bronze setting.

Mercedes CLK-GTR:
Win the Kudos Challenge under the Gold setting.

Porsche 911 GT1:
Win the Kudos Challenge under the Silver setting.

TVR Cerbera Speed 12:
Win the Kudos Challenge under the Platinum setting.

Hint: High scoring:
There seems to be a loop hole to get great combo bonuses. Unlike the original Project Gotham Racing, this game allows you to go through the cone gates twice. You can go through either forwards or backwards, and hence build up your combo bonuses.

Hint: Unlocking cars:
Win all of the expert (platinum) races in the Kudos World

Submitted By : Chad Spradlin
Changing Car Color
Go online, and either join/make a game.
Choose the car you wish to change the colour of. (eg Ford Focus)
Choose a car in a different class with the colour you want the first car to be. (eg VX220 for orange)
Go offline, and go to either single player kudos challenge, or ghost trials (the names may be wrong, it's from memory)
Select the class of the car with the colour you want to be changed. (eg the class with the Ford Focus)
Keep pressing A until you see the small 3D version of the car on the right hand side. Do not select it with A.
Once you have seen this screen, keep pressing B until you are back at the title screen.
Join/Create a game on xbox live, and the car you chose (Ford Focus) should be the car you have selected, but in the colour of the other car. (orange from the VX220)
This can be done with any car in the game, but will not ''transfer over'' stripes onto a car without them.

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