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Game Name : Virtua Tennis
System : Dreamcast
Date Added : 2002-06-18 00:50:41
Views : 40020

Hint :
Tip: Keep practicing your serve until you can hit with maximum power (more than 90 mph) every time. This can often overwhelm your opponent and force him to serve up a weak return that you can immediately pounce on.

Tip: If you have to move right or left to get to a ball, prepare to run back to the middle as soon as you've hit it. Sightseeing from the left or right sideline is a guaranteed way to lose a point.

Tip: Be careful when using the lob. The game's camera angles can make it very difficult to judge depth perception, and you may find yourself feeding your opponent a perfect overhead-smash opportunity.

Tip: Watch your opponent's movements closely. You win points by sending the ball where he is not, so if you see him edging to the right, fire your shot into the far left corner. (It may sound easy, but it takes a lot of practice.)

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