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Game Name : Eragon
System : GameBoy Advance
Date Added : 2008-04-06 19:35:23
Views : 7994

Ally Magic Spell Effects
Garjzla - Removes one negative statistic.
Weakspot - Disadvantages enemy so the next hit on it will be double damage.
Heil - Heals one target. Preferably on your side.
Life's energy - Heals entire party except caster.
Skolir - Increase one ally's defence skill.
Steel skin - Negates one melee attack on recipient.
Mind wall - Negates one magical attack on recipient.

Enemy Magic Spell Effects
Brisingr - Fire attack which strikes one target.
Combustion - A stronger fire attack striking one target.
Aduna - A water attack striking one target.
Flood - A strong water attack striking all targets.
Haina - Poisons an enemy to 100 percent
Blinded - Blinds enemy to 100 percent
Hjarta - De-Buff target's attack by one
Black curse - Burns and stones one enemy to 100 percent
Infection - Poison and stuns all targets to 100 percent

Dras-Leonas Escape
When you are in Dras-Leonas and escaping from the church, rememeber to not do any battles until the one in the end, because those fights drain your HP.

When you are battling all those guys, use a bow (preferablly the Tall Bow) and knock out the guys in the back because they do the most damage to you.

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