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Game Name : Fever Pitch Soccer
System : Jaguar
Date Added : 2007-09-06 07:47:56
Views : 26482

Level passwords
At the password screen, once you've entered the password, press and hold the B button to move the cursor through any of the letters or numbers and press up to high-case it (it will turn yellow) and down to lower-case it.
Rbbbbbbc1cmz+1st Tournament - Asia - 2nd Round
RbbbbbbQdv8b1st Tournament - Asia - 3rd Round
RbbbbbbgCfcJj1st Tournament - Asia - 4th Round
Rbbbbbbh2glSG1st Tournament - Asia - 5th Round
Rbbbbbbl+jb-21st Tournament - Asia - Final
Rbbbbbbkmhw2g1st Tournament - Asia - Semi Final
Rbbbbbbnypcqd2nd Tournament - Africa - 1st Round
RbbbbbbpNqbzZ2nd Tournament - Africa - 2nd Round
Rbbbbbbq.rc86 (high-case 6)2nd Tournament - Africa - 3rd Round
RbbbbbbsxsbJX2nd Tournament - Africa - 4th Round
RbbbbbbtMtcSG2nd Tournament - Africa - 5th Round
Rbbbbbbxwxc-+2nd Tournament - Africa - Final
Rbbbbbbv-vb2(high-case 2)X2nd Tournament - Africa - Semi Final
RbbbbbbyL2bqj3rd Tournament - Americas - 1st Round
Rbbbbbbz9(high-case 9)3czs3rd Tournament - Americas - 2nd Round
Rbbbbbb2vsb883rd Tournament - Americas - 3rd round
Rbbbbbb3K6cJ8 (high-case 8)3rd Tournament - Americas - 4th Round
Rbbbbbb48(high-case 8)7bS+3rd Tournament - Americas - 5th Round
Rbbbbbb7J9b-+3rd Tournament - Americas - Final
Rbbbbbb6t8c2(high-case 2)q3rd Tournament - Americas - Semi Final
Rbbbbbb87(high-case 7)Fcqn4th Tournament - Europe - 1st Round
RbbbbbbBsJbzd4th Tournament - Europe - 2nd Round
RbbbbbbCHKc82 (high-case 2)4th Tournament - Europe - 3rd Round
RbbbbbbD6(high-case 6)VbJ84th Tournament - Europe - 4th Round
RbbbbbbGrWcSl4th Tournament - Europe - 5th Round
RbbbbbbJ5(high-case 5)Yc-j4th Tournament - Europe - Final
RbbbbbbHGXb26 (high-case 26)4th Tournament - Europe - Semi Final
RbbbbbbLq1(high-case 1)b-b5th Tournament - All Stars

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