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Game Name : Super C
System : Amiga
Date Added : 2008-01-21 19:04:45
Views : 16718

Cheat Mode
Load Super C and watch the FMV sequence until the two main characters start shooting. While they are shooting, perform a soft reset of the Amiga system. At the command line, type in "5|_|P3R C" (It is actually a stylized way of writing Super C.) After entering this command, run the game. Before the game actually begins, a message will prompt you to press t anytime to open up the cheat menu you enabled. You can activate more than one cheat.
Former One-Man Army.Infinite Lives.
Can't Touch This.Invincibility (you can either choose this or infinite lives, not both).
Quick Game XXLevel Select, where XX represents what level you type from 02-08.
Lucky Start.On the top-view levels, you have unlimited shell bombs.
Naturally Explosive.Start each new life with the grenade gun.
Naturally Beamed.Start each new life with the laser gun.
Naturally Fast.Start each new life with the machine gun.
Naturally Spread.Start each new life with the spread gun.
Good ShotsYou Gain points faster.

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