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You're viewing Fire And Ice Cheat Codes

Game Name : Fire And Ice
System : Amiga
Date Added : 2008-02-25 08:36:53
Views : 20978

Infinite Items
Type 'cool' and press the Enter key.

Stage 2 Level Warp (to Stage 4)
At the far right edge of the stage, fire in the air to reveal hidden blocks. Jump up and continue firing to reveal more, until you jump into the warp point that takes you to Stage 4.

Stage 4 Level Warp (to the Hidden Stage)
At the bottom right cavern fire in the corner to reveal a hidden block in the air. Jump on top then leap upward to take the warp point to a Hidden Stage. Completing this stage takes you to Stage 5.

Infinite Lives
At the title screen click the Left mouse button.

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