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Game Name : Elite
System : Amiga
Date Added : 2007-04-15 21:30:14
Views : 40328

Longer song
Press H to jump into hyperspace, then engage the docking computer when the counter is below 5. The song, The Blue Danube will play until your ship reaches the next station.

Cheat mode
Enter SARA or SUZANNE when prompted for a word from the manual during the copy protection check. Then, enter a valid word when the prompt appears again. Press [Keypad Plus] and/or [Keypad Asterisk] during game play to display the cheat screen. A prompt for a byte and new value will appear. Enter the first number of the set, press [Enter], enter the second number, press [Enter], then press [Esc] to resume game play. Note: Press [Help] to edit the amount of arms and cargo. Additionally, this will not work in the Space Legends compilation version of the game.
1F/467 light years fuel
84/01Alien items
91/00Clean legal status (may be 97 - 01)
3F/01Cloaking; press Y to toggle
12/00-FFCreate a new galaxy
13/00-FFCreate a new galaxy
9D/04Destroy Cougar
9D/05Destroy Space Station
32/01Docking computer
31/01ECM jammer
24/01ECM system; press L to toggle
2F/01Energy bomb
20/01Escape capsule
2C/01Escape pod
18/FFExtra credits
34/03Galactic hyperdrive
28/01Galactic hyperdrive or Beam Laser
83/01Gem stones
97/00-08Harmless - Elite ranking
8C/01Important Thargoid doc
23/02Large cargo bay
98/FFLoads of combat points
38/01Military laser
36/01Mining laser
31/0CNaval energy unit
26/01Pulse laser
88/01Refugees from Super Nova
9D/03Rescue Refugees
9D/01Seek & destroy

View credits
Press W when flying to view your score and the credits.

Control ship preview
Press A when the rotating ships appear on the opening screen to stop their movement. Use the cursor keys to rotate the ships. Hold A and press a cursor key to rotate them differently. Press O or I to zoom in and out. Press D to continue.

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