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Game Name : Sonic And The Secret Rings
System : Nintendo Wii
Date Added : 2007-03-29 02:38:30
Views : 38621

Sonic crests
Collected the indicated number of Silver Medals to unlock the corresponding elemental crests to power-up Sonic.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Dark100 Silver Medals
Fire105 Silver Medals
Wind110 Silver Medals

Unlockable Awards
Do the required to unlock the award in Chapter 13/14.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
BookwormPlay a total time of 24 hours
Extreme SpeederUse Speed Break a total of 50 times
Genie BusterDefeat a total of 1,000 Genies
HeroDefeat Erazor Djinn
Ring CatcherCollect a total of 10,000 Rings
Super PlayerReach level 99
The UltimateCollect all Gold Medals
Time ControllerUse Time Break for a total of 300 seconds
True HeroDefeat Alf Layla wa Layla
World TravelerTravel a total of 500 km (310.7 mi)

Party mode bonuses
Collect the indicated number of Fire Souls to unlock the corresponding bonus in Party mode.

Unlockable:How to Unlock:
Aim! Big Crossbow6 Fire Souls
Cross! Balance Race48 Fire Souls
Extreme Difficulty114 Fire Souls
Final X Adventure126 Fire Souls
Fly! Ptero-Rider78 Fire Souls
Play as Blaze105 Fire Souls
Play as Cream42 Fire Souls
Play as Shadow30 Fire Souls
Play as Silver87 Fire Souls
Put It Out! Big Fire60 Fire Souls
Reel! Battle Fishing24 Fire Souls
Row! Canoe Race18 Fire Souls
Sink 'Em! Pirate Ship12 Fire Souls
Spin! Propeller Race96 Fire Souls
Thrust! Bone Knight36 Fire Souls
Watch Out! Trap54 Fire Souls
World Bazaar69 Fire Souls

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