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You're viewing Nintendogs : Chihuahua and Friends Cheat Codes

Game Name : Nintendogs : Chihuahua and Friends
System : Nintendo DS
Date Added : 2005-02-04 19:03:36
Views : 55773

Unlock Toy Poodle
25000 Owner Points

Unlock Welsh Corgi
Collect 2000 Owner Points

Unlock Pinscher
Collect 14000 Owner Points

Unlock Japanese Style House (from Shiba Pack)
20000 Owner Points

Eat the lightbulb!
When your dog is learning a command, ex:lay down,roll over. A lightbulb icon appears in the top right corner of the screen. Click on the light bulb and record your command. If the dog accepts the command, a sketchy like lightbulb appears over their adorable little head. Grab the lightbulb with your stylus then drag it to the dogs mouth. And they will EAT THE LIGHTBULB like a treat!Note: This was found in the Japanese version. I am not sure about the North American version.

Unlock Pug
Collect 4000 Owner Points

Unlock Jack Russel Terrier
While on a walk, your dog may come across an Item called the Jack Russel Book. If you visit the kennel, you can now buy the single Jack Russel Terrier

Unlock Schnauzer
Collect 10000 Owner Points

Unlock Shetland
Sheepdog Collect 8000 Owner Points

Unlock German Shepherd
Collect 17000 Owner Points

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