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Game Name : Red Alarm
System : Virtual Boy
Date Added : 2005-02-03 20:50:21
Views : 28693

BowWow Bonus
As soon as you come into the room with the joystick thingies, turn around and look at the top right corner. It should get a lock on the wall. If it dosen't, try moving back a little. Shoot a missile at the wall and a BowWow bonus will appear.

Hidden Pictures
There are at least five pictures hidden in this unusual shooter.

Play through the first stage until you come to the room with the small figures running around. Destroy the enemies, then stop and turn back towards the entrance of the room. Fly slowly along the wall to your right and shoot the lower right corner of the wall near the door. A little house will appear, complete with stick people and furniture!

In the first stage, just before you get to the above mentioned room (in a room that looks like girders and has enemies that look like joysticks which pop out from left to right on the floor - do you know what I'm talking about here?). When you get to the end of this room, stop and shoot at the left wall just before the entrance to the next room. You should see a wireframe rendering of a Virtual Boy system!

Shoot the wall directly across from the Virtual Boy to see a VB controller.

In the second stage destroy the first three enemys in the first room and turn around. You will find a Kangaroo and her babies. You can shoot the mom for points, but if you do the babies will fire at you.

Exit the room above and keep going till you see a small opening with a cat-like thing in the way. Go through the opening and shoot the lower right wall to find a girl in a bikini.

Level 2: Toward the end of the 2nd level, about 3/4 of the way through, there is a waterfall with a bat-like thing in the middle. Shoot it and a fish will appear.

Level 4: In the fourth level, the second room has four large squares on each wall. A dog's head will appear on every other square (both walls).
Not long after the hall above,You'll have to fly through a narrow crawlspace. Shoot either side of the crawlspace entrance and flowers will appear.

After you beat the guy that spins around and shoots asterisks at you, you'll have to fight a frog-like guy on a platform. Each side of the platform contains a fox statue that will appear if you shoot there.

Final level (level 6): Go about 2 feet from the starting point and send a spray of bullets forward and to the left. A girl in a one-piece bathing suit holding a "FINAL" sign will appear.
When you beat the boss of the game (that's the creepy looking guy with the four arms) you'll come to a room with two cylindrical cases hanging from the cieling. Shoot the left one to break it.

In the room with the joystick thingies (Level one) follow the top of the left wall until you get to a row of boxes connected by lines (should look sorta like []==[]==[]==[]) Shoot right below the second box and a grabber thing should appear.

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