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You're viewing SNK vs. Capcom : Card Fighter's Clash Cheat Codes

Game Name : SNK vs. Capcom : Card Fighter's Clash
System : Neo*Geo Pocket
Date Added : 2005-02-01 17:15:23
Views : 28263

Secret areas
In the Resident Evil mansion in SC Park, go to the four empty hallways to the left and right of the stairways. There is a secret room on the left-most hallway to the left side of the stairs. There, in a treasure chest, you will find a card. In Lost World, there is a yellow door near the card trader. Return to the first room of Lost World, and visit the fake giant dinosaur. Pressing it twice will cause it to break. Once the dinosaur is broken, you may enter the yellow door, which is actually a staff-only room containing a few people and a broken card trader machine. You may do this as many times as desired.

Trading for cards
Some cards can only be acquired through trading with friends. Example: The only way to get the Zero Akuma card is to trade Akuma and an Akari card with a friend. The end result is the Zero Akuma card.

Getting Chun-Li (A)
Chun-Li(A) can be acquired by putting five Ryu(A) cards and five Cammy(A) cards into the Trading Machine. The card that comes out should be the Rarity S Chun-Li(A).

To get the Rarity S Nakoruru card, put five Galford cards and five Rimnerel(C) cards in the trading machine. The card that comes out will be the Rarity S Nakoruru.

The crane game
The crane game changes each time and is different from game to game. There is no one solution to it. You can play the crane game every time you defeat an enemy. Its wise to defeat an enemy and return to Joy Joy. Sometimes, cards up to Rarity B can be found.

Undo mistake
After using the wrong card, simply reset the game to resume from the last turn.

Special appearances
Some of the characters you fight have something to do with SNK or Capcom. For instance, at the Resident Evil Mansion, you will fight a character named Mikami. Shinji Mikami is the producer of the Resident Evil series for Capcom. Also, Saki and Yuri appear in the game, along with others from SNK and Capcom.

Alternate title screen
A new title screen will be displayed after 50%, 90%, and 100% of the cards have been collected.

View the order of your deck
Put down an M. Bison in the ring and use "Evil Charisma" to view the order of your deck. Then turn off the system and restart the game. Start the game from the beginning of your turn (before you put out M. Bison).

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